Best Friends By Ronald Destra & Juanita Destra

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August 16, 2016

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Best Friends By Ronald Destra and Juanita Destra

Renowned children's literature authors unveil yet another educating and informative book titled, "Best Friends".

Florida, USA-- The renowned writers and bestselling children's literature  authors from the state of Florida, USA, who have made a mark in the highly coveted niche and have successfully enhanced the cognitive capability of children across the globe by providing contents that are not only informative and revealing but also have transformed the way children perceived the future, are now unveiling another stellar book titled, "Best Friends".

The book, Best Friends, is all about Joseph and his friends who both had birth complications and were partially paralyzed because they were both on wheel chairs even as they grew up. The two friends despite their incapability, loved each other, cared about each other and shared tons on dreams together, their incapability never served as an Achilles heel to them, but it made them strong and brave, they both lived in hope instead in despair and with the foresight that one day their current condition will turn out to be a blessing for them. Though a tragicomedy piece, it has a lot of moral lessons to be derived  from.

The book, Best Friends, isn't just for kids, but it is also for upcoming youths with dreams and great aspirations who feel daunted and devastated by their current situation and are almost throwing in the towel. As progressive parents, who love to see their kids and wards progress and achieve good success in life; this book will serve as an invaluable complement to the well being of such kids and will assist them in achieving their most craved desire no matter the circumstances they are being surrounded with. Best Friends is poised to offer the following to its prospective readers:

* Increase a Child's self confidence.

* Teach them to be resilient, to persevere, and to be resolute.

* Facilitate overall reading and comprehension ability and skills.

* Stimulate imagination and enhance creativity.

* Matching images of characters that are compelling and captivating so as to keep the Child's attention focused.

This book is a must read for kids, youths and even young adults.

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About the Authors:

The book, Best Friends, was co-authored  by Juanita Destra wife of Ronald Destra. The couple owns one of the best publishing houses in the U.S, where they provide professional publishing services to ace writers around the globe. Ronald Destra who is the chief author; is widely known for his contributions to the children's literature niche and has written several inspirational books such as Fluffy the Bird, Hoppy the Frog, Tommy the Giraffe, Scrappy the Dog, Best Friends, The Little Hero and much more.

His passion is to help young children learn that they do have a purpose in life and to never give up.

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Rising Publisher Release A Heartwarming Children's Book

Press Release

For Immediate Release

July 25, 2016

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Rising Publisher Releases A Heartwarming Children's Book:

An up-and-coming publisher, Destra World  Books Publishing, has just launched their newest book, Best Friends, which tells the compassionate story of two friends battling illness.

Florida, July 25, 2016 -- Compassion is a trait every parent wants for their child, yet no children's tale teaches compassion as well as Best Friends. It can seem like every fable follows the same 'hero's journey' plot or simple rules such as truth-telling in the famous tale of Pinocchio. Destra World Books Publishing wants to teach something broader, allowing a larger positive impact in the minds of developing children.

To achieve this goal in Best Friends, Destra World Books Publishing has worked tirelessly to drive constructive morals home. The book itself starts out detailing the blossoming, interracial friends of two five year-old children who find themselves in adjacent hospital rooms after contracting serious illnesses. These children spend years together outliving the predictions of doctors and eventually are friends outside of the hospital. As a result readers are able to derive several overarching morals: acceptance, hope, and compassion.

Any young reader is able to recognize the acceptance between the two star-crossed friends despite differing backgrounds and races. Additionally, the two protagonists are able to live far beyond their predicted demise by sheer hope and happiness. Best Friends hopes that this exemplification will allow readers to integrate a spirit of friendly acceptance into their own lives, instilling a sense of compassion in the reader. This book is truly inspiring and faces topics that will engage and improve the moral of any child.


About the Author:

Best Friends was written and illustrated by Ronald Destra and co-written by Juanita Destra, founders of Destra World Books Publishing. They are a happily married couple who are passionate about educating the world's youth. Together they run Destra World Books Publishing, and independent publishing company built on pleasing the author by allowing writers to keep rights to all work and 60% of any proceeds. The husband Ronald is an expert writer having written Scrappy the Dog, Fluffy the Bird, Tommy the Giraffe, Hoppy the Frog, Best Friends & The Little Hero, all with the same dedication to moral that he has contributed to Best Friends.

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(c) 2016 Destra World Books Publishing, LLC, Ronald Destra & Juanita Destra All rights reserved.



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What Children Must Know in Case of an Emergency?

What Children Must Know in Case of an Emergency?


Fire is one of the most dangerous accidents that can happen in our homes. If a house is on fire, then safety measures must be taken to avoid loss or fatality resulting from the fire. It is so easy for a parent or any adult to deal with such an emergency. But what happens when fire strikes a house? Are our children prepared enough to handle fire emergencies at home? The only way to ascertain whether children can handle such emergencies or not is by revisiting the 'must know' things in case of an emergency.

*What a child must know.

There are a few things that children must know for them to handle emergencies arising from fire in houses. Here below are the things that every child is expected to know.

*Dialing 911

All children must know of the existence of 911 as the emergency number. While it may sound common, some children still do not know of the emergency number. Parents are tasked to teach their children of this emergency number. For younger children, they should not only be taught emergency number but also how to dial the number.

*What to say to 911.

Another important thing that children must know is what to say when they call 911. This is crucial because it will help in prompt response from the other side. If a kid can not express the situation, it might take a longer period before fire fighter get to the residence.

*Physical address of the house.

The children should also know the physical address of their homes. Parents should teach their children how to describe their physical address. This information is equally important in helping fire fighters to get in time. However, they are books, like my upcoming children book, The Little Hero, release date September 23, 2016, that teach kids what they must do in case of an emergency.

*Usage of fire emergency tools.

There are fire emergency tools such as fire extinguishers that children must know how to use. They can help in putting off fire before it spreads to other places. Fire extinguishers can also help children to create way for their exit from the house if they are blocked with fire.

These are the most important things that children must know in case there is fire emergency at home. Knowledge of these things will help reduce damage and avert fatality from such accidents.

I appreciated all the parents, schools, local libraries, day care facilities and the kids who bought and read my books.

Lock this date: September 23, 2016. New children books, The Little Hero & Best Friends.  Publisher of record. Destra World Books Publishing, LLC. Available everywhere!

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Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself:

Self-belief is an important ability that every child should possess from as early as possible. There is great importance for children to have self-belief since it is an ability that will make children more confident in life and prepare them for greater adult responsibilities.

There are various factors that contribute to a child developing self belief. Parents play a big role in developing this ability in their children. But in as much as parents' role in developing a child's self belief is undisputed, children too, can contribute in building their own self-belief abilities.

***** Tips for Children to Build Self-Belief*****

To be highlighted here below are some useful tips that children can use as a way of building self-belief in themselves.

Stay positive.

As a child, you should always stay positive to improve your self belief. Do not let negative attitudes drag you behind. Negative attitude can be caused by the thought that other people may not believe in you.

Be willing to learn.

In order to believe in yourself, you must be open to learning.  Self-belief is in itself a learning process that cannot be mastered in a day. You should be willing to learn a few things from your parents and teachers about self-belief.

Love yourself.

One of the most important things for a kid is to love themselves. As a kid, you should start by loving yourself, you will always have great belief in whatever you do.

Flip weakness into strength.

You can start working on your weakness and flip them to be your strengths. Once you manage to do this, you will know that you have the ability to make things work your way and thus improve your self-belief.

Do hero training.

One of the ways in which you can believe in yourself is by borrowing traits of your hero. For example, if your hero is a movie star, you imagine how he could handle a situation that is disturbing you. By doing this, you will start borrowing your hero's traits and with time build stronger self-belief, greater than your hero's.

The above mentioned are some of the tips that you can find useful when you want to improve your self-belief.

Gentlemen, Ladies, Boys and Girls:

New children book, Best Friends, is schedule for release September 23, 2016. The books will be available everywhere!

Best Friends: Pre-order. Free shipping. 50% discount starts July 23, 2016. eBook $4.99, Soft back $9.99, Hard back $14.99, Audio book $4.99

Payable:  Destra World Books Publishing, LLC , 14311 Biscayne Blvd Suite 4113,  North Miami, Florida 33261.

Form of payments: Money order, Check, Debit & Credit cards. Include instruction. Call now to pre-order the book, Best Friends, and get an eBook version copy of Fluffy the Bird directly to your email now.

Supporting Florida Local Elementary School's Kids: Destra World Books Publishing,LLC

Thank you to everyone. Buy now. Best Friends.  By phone. Place order now. 305-795-2232. Destra World Books Publishing, LLC 305-795-2232


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Juanita Destra Announces the Release of her First Children Book, Fluffy the Bird.


For Immediate Release

Media Relation Contact: Destra World Books Publishing, LLC / Ronald

Location: Florida

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Florida, January 26, 2016-- Juanita Destra, a great and brilliant medical worker, author and publisher announces the release of her latest children book titled, 'Fluffy the Bird'. The book reflected Juanita's years of experience in writing and publishing which makes her newest work must get for every parent.

Juanita Destra's new book was written with the future of today's children by employing the best way to get to the heart of children in presenting the book through storytelling. Not only that the book was written using storytelling style, it was well connected and arranged that parents will not have to consult the author or any writer to understand the meaning and relate it to the kids accordingly.

The new children book from an excellent writer, Juanita Destra is not a book that will only educate, entertain and inspire kids, but was written and equipped with the capacity and ability to instill in the proper values needed to succeed in life.

Apart from that, another great advantage of Juanita Destra's Fluffy the Bird children book is the opportunity for parents or guardians to learn how to properly communicate with the children and inculcate great value that helps in shaping the kids destiny. Also, it encourages reading culture which ignites the kid's imagination and creativity.

Fluffy the Bird is a must have book for every parent that wants to raise admirable children with success mind-set.


(c) 2016 Juanita Destra & Destra World Books Publishing, LLC   All Rights Reserved.

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