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Hoppy the Frog Hoppy the Frog

Hoppy the Frog is a charming book that is both educational and entertaining. Readers are engaged from the point of view of a frog growing from tadpole to adult frog, and then are taken further with a race for the hand of the loveliest frog on both land and water. With themes of perseverance when the going gets tough, courage when you need to be stronger, and character in knowing who you are, this book is just right for young readers.

Fluffy th birds Fluffy th birds

Fluffy the bird sang the most beautiful music, everyone who had the pleasure of hearing him was delighted. He truly had a gift!
Was this what Fluffy was meant to do? Did he have a purpose? Was his voice a way to make the world a brighter place?

Scrappy the Dog Scrappy the Dog

This children book tells the story of a sweet little pup, Scrappy who ventures out into the world as he is tired of the mistreatment and lack of care he had experienced in his home. The story details on his adventures and experiences in the outside world.

Tommy the Giraffe Tommy the Giraffe

Tommy thinks of himself as the clumsiest giraffe in the world. Try as he may, he can't stay upright for too long before taking a tumble. The other animals call him terrible nicknames and that's what hurts him the most. He's too tall to run away and hide, so he must find another way to deal with the ridicule.

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